Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~ Birthday Party ~ Under the Sea Birthday Bash! Part 2

... Continuation from Part 1 {Check it out here}

We served hot dogs, Caesar salad, veal sandwiches, pizza,  octopus {mini hot dog sausages that I boiled but before I did, I cut a small + shape in one end of the sausages, when they boil they flare up and look like little octopus} and I served them with pink sauce {ketchup and mayo together}

We also served fruit and strawberry cream cheese dip {This one is always a favorite...Recipe coming soon} I used my Wilton cupcake stand to serve all the fruits.

I made all the food and water bottle labels. I used this turquoise container for all the cold drinks.  These containers are really nice to display all the cold drinks, this one is plastic and really inexpensive and I found mine at Party Packagers 

By the way these are the new waterproof water labels perfect for the summer and now they are available in my shop.


I made the pinata as well, using cardboard and with my scallop punch I cut tissue paper to cover it all.


Ariel came to the party to visit birthday girl.  In the Picture above my 2 daughters and Ariel.  She was fabulous and she is from Fantasy Fables.

Pictures by: My friend Angela Zardoni..Thanks Angela :)
Cake pops: Cathy Alfano The Cake Bomb
Party Styling, Cake, Cupcake toppers, Party printable designs, Favors, Invitations: Yours truly :) Party-Tales
Balloons Specialist: My mom. Gracias Mami!
Birthday Girl: My pretty 3 year old daughter!

You can find these beautiful Mermaid Party Supplies at Birthday Express.

Monday, May 28, 2012

~ Birthday Party ~ Under the Sea Birthday Bash! Part 1

 As seen on Hostess With The Mostess!!

I'm back! I know... I said I was going to be away for 2 weeks and have been now more than a month.

I've been planning party after party this whole month... but at least I have lots of party pictures to show you!

Today I will start with my daughter's 3rd Under the Sea birthday Bash!  And this one comes with pictures overload! That is why I will show you some today and some tomorrow...

I loved how everything turned out!



My daughter loves Ariel so we went with the Under the Sea Theme to celebrate her 3rd birthday. 

My mom and I did all the decorations: We made blue tulle table skirts, we had a Hand painted mural we used as the main table background and made a blue balloons wall around the room and twisting balloons to simulate the seaweeds under the sea.


I made the cake and cupcakes. I was so happy with how the mermaid fondant cake topper turned out, as it was the first time I have tried to make something like that.  I made the cupcake toppers as well with glittery turquoise card stock and I used my new favorite Flourish punch.  The cupcake-Cake stand is from Wilton.
 These gorgeous Cake pops, were from Cathy Alfano from The Cake Bomb, who recently won the Canada Sweets and baking competition and one of the judges was Buddy from Cake boss.
Aren't these adorable?  Crab Cake Pops and Fish bowl Cake pops! Cathy did an excellent work.  Not only the were pretty but delicious too!
I made some sea shells cookies by filling them with butter cream icing and using a white gum ball as the pearls.
 sea creatures gummy skewers 


The party favors were some canvas totes filled with filled with headbands, coral bracelets, lip balms and lots of other goodies. I found the white totes at Michaels and I stamped them with the same motive as the invitations and all the paper decor using iron transfer paper and sew the blue trim.  Iron on transfer designs are now available at my etsy shop.

Click here to see more pictures of this party- UNDER THE SEA BIRTHDAY Part 2:
 The Food table.. Recipes and more.. and a very special guest came to oo

 You can find these beautiful Mermaid Party Supplies at Birthday Express.

Pictures by: My friend Angela Zardoni..Thanks Angela :)
Cake pops: Cathy Alfano The Cake Bomb
Party Styling, Cake, Cupcake toppers, Party printable designs, Favors, Invitations: Yours truly :) Party-Tales
Balloons Specialist: My mom. Gracias Mami!
Birthday Girl: My pretty 3 year old daughter!

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