Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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~Party Ideas~ Mario Kart wii Party Pinterest Board

 I just wanted to show you what I did today
{well is past 12 now, so I guess what I did yesterday}...

...I did a 'photo shoot' with my Mario Kart Printable Party designs

What do you think? Do you like it?

I'm having so much fun coming up for ideas for boys parties!
I was thinking of foods and sweets that can be served at a Mario Kart Themed party for my  food/sweet table labels and with my daughter's help, together we came up with these:

Jello Peach or anything with Peaches {for Princess Peach Food labels}

Banana Split or Banana shaped candy {One of the characters is a Banana Peel}

Pizza, Pasta {I think Luigi and Mario are Italian}

Mushroom Pops {Marshmallow covered in read candy coating and white chocolate chips on the top}

Fruits {My daughter told me Yoshi likes to eat fruits}

She also said the party should have Lots of Cookies because there is a race happening at a 'CookieLand'

Star pops {using star shapped candy molds}

Chocolate shapped mustaches

Chocolate gold coins

Click here to see my pin board with some cute stuff for a Mario Kart themed party I found around the web.

I am enjoying pinning a lot, everytime I see a picture I like, I come up with new ideas and want to pin it on a board. Pinterest is perfect to organize all of your favorite pictures that you find on the web, by theme or event, and keep them all together in one place.

Do you have Pinterest?  Leave me a link on the comment section below. I'd love to follow your boards.
If you are not on Pinterest yet, then you are in need of an invite. Just email me at party-tales{at} and I will send you one.

My party printable designs were made to match the Mario Kart party supplies from Birthday Express. 

If you have more ideas for a Mario Kart themed party please share with us! Leave us a comment below. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~ Party Recipes ~ Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Lasagna

I usually make Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Manicotti but yesterday after I started mixing all the ingredients for my filling I noticed I didn't have enough Manicotti so I decided to make it a Lasagna instead.  It was delicious! So I thought of sharing the recipe here as I think Lasagnas are perfect to serve in a party, as you can always make them and freeze them ahead of time and just warm up for the party. 
To make this lasagna you need:
900 grms Baby Spinach
425 grms Ricotta Cheese
1 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 cup Grated Mozzarella Cheese
2 Eggs
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
1/2 cup Italian seasoned Bread crumbs {or season your own bread crumbs with dry herbs}
Salt and Pepper
Steam Spinach for 5 minutes in a double boiler and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

1 jar of Strained Tomatoes
3/4 of the same jar filled with water.
1/2 Onion
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Fresh Basil
Salt & sugar
1 teaspoon Roasted Red Peppers seasoning mix
In a large pot saute 1/2 chopped onion for about 5 minutes, add 1 Strained or Pureed Tomato Jars, Water {Fill with water 1/2 of the tomato jar and pour in the pot}, Fresh basil leaves, season with roasted garlic and red pepper seasoning mix, pinch of salt and pinch of sugar
 Cook in low for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  I always make a lot of this sauce and freeze to have it ready when needed.  You can also add a carrot and a celery stick while cooking for extra-flavor and just remove before serving

COOKED LASAGNA NOODLES: Cook using package directions. I usually boil 9 lasagna noodles for a 9x13 glass pan for 3 layers of Pasta and 2 of filling in between.

Now that you have all ready, Add Red sauce to the bottom of your lasagna pan and star layering your lasagna as follows:

 Pasta, Red sauce,  Filling and repeat again. Finish with a layer of pasta, red sauce, and Parmesan Cheese. Sprinkle Dry herbs on top.  Cover with Aluminum Foil and bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.  Uncover the lasagna and bake for another 5 minutes. 

You can also use the filling to stuff Manicotti, just put some sauce at the bottom of your pan, put your stuffed manicotti cooked shells, cover with red sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

I hope you try this recipe and enjoy.  Please let me know it you do!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

~ Lovely Customer Party ~ A Pink Poodle in Paris Georgia 1st Birthday

I get so excited when I receive party pictures from my lovely customers. Here are the pictures from Bevan's daughter Georgia 1st Birthday Party. 

Everything looks so sweet and adorable!

  I fell in love with this theme when I planned my daughter's 6th birthday party.  I love everything that has anything to do with Paris and more when you add pink to it !

I really like how Bevan stayed with the pink palette for all the decor, food, sweets and drinks she served  {Pink Lemonade, Poodles in a blanket, Strawberry Milk, Raspberry Dip, Strawberry Whoppers...}
  The pink Eiffel tower favor cups are adorable and the pink roses add the perfect touch to this sweet table set up.

 Bevan is using Custom Printable Water bottle labels and food labels by yours truly.

Pink Poodle in Paris Party supplies  can be purchased online at Birthday Express.

Thanks Bevan for sharing your fabulous Party Pictures with us!

Monday, February 13, 2012


And the winner of our Valentine's Giveaway is:

Brian VanKirk

Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway! Keep checking the blog, new giveaways weekly.  Next time you could be the Winner!

Brian please contact me at party-tales{at}  to claim your prize.

12 Bottlecaps Favors from PPPartyfavors on etsy

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~ Baby Shower ~ Diaper Cake Tutorial Part 1

If you have been invited to a baby shower and you want to give the new mom a practical gift with a personal touch, a diaper cake is a great choice! I've made them in several occassions and they are always a hit.

I know there are tons of instructions over the net on how to make diaper cakes, but most of them use tape to hold the cupcakes sorry I mean diapers together. I have figured out a way to make them without any tape and still hold together, and now I will share it with you!

To bake this cake you need:

1 Bag of newborn diapers (I am using pamper swaddles

#2 MEGA bag 64 diapers bag) I used 63 diapers to make this 3-layers diaper cake.

1 (16" diameter) disposable cake board. You can purchase it at any baking or party supplies store.

Size #18 Small elastic bands or 15 to 20 yards of approximately or 1/8” narrow curling ribbon to tie rolled diapers.
5 or 6 yards of approximately 7/8”ribbon (I am using “It’s a girl” pink paper printed ribbon)

5 yards of 1/8” pink curling ribbon.

Little silk flowers to decorate the cake (optional)

Little clothespins (available at Michaels craft store, dollar store)

Baby bib, bodysuit, hat and baby socks: You can decorate your cake with anything you like. That’s what makes it a unique gift.
Tools: Scissors and Drill (optional): To make 4 little holes on cake board, you can also do it carefully with a knife.

STEP 1: Roll all the diapers as shown in the picture below.

I am rolling them inwards because I don’t want the yellow print

motive of the diapers to show on the cake. Wrap a small elastic band around each diaper and set aside.

Or if you prefer tie each diaper with a little piece of ribbon (approx. 10” - 12” long each). You will need approximately 15 to 20 yards of 1/8”curling ribbon to tie all the diapers.
If you use elastic bands you will need a wider ribbon to cover them later when you are decorating your cake to cover the elastic.

STEP 2: Preparing cake base

Mark the center on the back of the cake board. Measure 2” from the center to draw an X. And with the help of a drill or scissors make 4 little holes on each end of the X as shown on the pictures below.

Starting from the back of the cake board pass a long piece of 1/8” ribbon (Approximately 1 ½ yards) through 2 of the holes, and another one through the other 2 holes


I do an inside small 3 layer cake first and then I start building the rest of the cake around this one. This first cake will be tied to the cake base and will be the centre of the cake, and this way your cake will be more stable and won’t tip over. I don’t like using tape to hold the 3 layers together because the idea of the cake is for mom to use the diapers afterwards. Taping the diapers will cause them to rip when taking them apart.

Inside cake 3 layers:

Make the 3 inside layers as shown in the picture above

Top layer- 3 diapers

Middle layer- 7 diapers (1 diaper in the centre and 6 around it)

Bottom layer- 14 diapers (3 inside and 11 around: Tie first the 3 inside diapers with an elastic band and then build around it with the other 11 diapers and tie all again with another elastic band).

Securing first inside bottom layer to cake base: Put bottom diaper layer on top of cake base and secure with the ribbons tying a knot over the diapers as shown in the pictures below.

Add middle inside layer and secure with the ribbons.

Add top inside layer and secure with ribbon. Leave all the remaining ribbon hanging; it will be used later to tie the top bow or anything else you would like to top the cake with like a stuff toy or bottle.

~ Baby Shower ~ Diaper Cake Tutorial Part 2

Now that the inside cake is ready we will start building the cake around this one to make our finished cake.
Bottom diaper layer:

Start building your cake adding diapers all around bottom layer as shown in the picture. It will take approximately 18 more diapers to complete the bottom layer for a total of 32 diapers (18 diapers outside + 14 inside)

Once is ready, secure the bottom layer around with 1/8” ribbon and continue to add diapers around middle layer.

Middle layer:

It will take approximately 12 more diapers to complete the middle layer for a total of 19 diapers (7 inside + 12 outside).

Top Layer:

Add diapers around top layer and tie with 1/8” ribbon. It will take approximately 9 more diapers to complete top layer for a total of 11 diapers (3 inside + 9 outside)
Now we are ready for the fun part,
decorating the diaper cake!

STEP 4: Wrap your 7/8” wide ribbon around all the layers and tie with a knot.
A wider ribbon covers the elastic bands better.

Using scissors, trim the ends either diagonally (“/”) or in a “” shape to look neat.

STEP 6: I also wrapped 1/8” wide pink ribbon on the top of each layer. I will hang the baby clothes from these ribbons using little clothespins; as if they were hanging to dry on a clothesline.

I used mini clothespins to hang the baby hat, bib, bodysuit, and socks. I placed the baby bib at the top and front, and hung the rest at the back of the cake, and decorated it with tiny pink flowers all over. The flowers makes the cake look really cute, covers all the yellow prints on the diapers and covers any exposed elastic bands in between diapers.

You can also fasten other baby necessities to the cake (Teething rings, rattles, nail clips, pacifiers, baby brush and comb set, rolled wash clothes, socks, travel size lotion …anything you like). Just tuck them inside the 7/8” ribbon around the cake. Make sure they fit tightly, and if necessary tie a small piece of 1/8” ribbon around the item and secure to the ribbon on the cake to keep them from falling off. Trim or curl the ends.
STEP 7: Cake topper
To top the cake I made an 8 loops florist bow. To make your bow you will need approximately 2 yards. Just follow each of the pictures below:

8" from one end of ribbon, pinch firmly between thumb and index finger. Make a 3 1/2" loop (half the size of finished bow) pinch tightly. If ribbon is one-sided, twist length to right side.

Go over and make a second loop and pinch over first two pinches.

Go under to make your 3rd loop, and hold at the centre.

And over again to make your 4th loop and continue doing the same all around like a wheel until you have 8 loops, 4 on each side.

Fasten the centre with a piece of 1/8”ribbon. You might need an extra hand here to help you secure your bow. Using scissors, trim the ends either diagonally (“/”) or in a “”shape to look neat.

Once your bow is ready, fasten to the top of the cake with the ribbon that was left hanging from the inside cake in step 3. You can also top your cake with a stuff toy, flowers or a baby bottle.

More ideas...

You can wrap your finished cake with a Cellophane gift bag or white tulle fabric, gather together at the top of cake, and secure with ribbon and add little note for the mom-to-be.

You can also make mini diaper cakes as baby showers centerpieces.

Mom-to-be can take them all home after the shower to use the diapers when baby arrives. Just do a small one-layer cake (like the top layer of this cake and use a small cake board for the base).

I hope these instructions will be helpful. The Mom-to-be will love this adorable cake and you will be so proud you made it for her. Have Fun making a diaper cake!

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~ Free Printables ~ Be Mine! Valentine's Party Circles XOXO

Be Mine!  I Heart You!  XOXO

Valentine's Day is almost here!

And I wanted to share with you my Printable Valentine's Day Party Circles
{Great for Cupcake toppers and Favor Tags}

Just Print on Cardstock Letter size Paper, cut or punch with 2" Scalloped or Circle Punch.  Attach lollipop sticks for Cupcake toppers or punch a small hole and attach with ribbon to favors or presents. 

Did you enter in our Valentine's Giveaway?  One lucky Winner will get an Awesome Party Pack  {Handcrafted Invitations, cupcake toppers, favors and favors tags} Over $150 value.

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 Party-Tales party printables. 

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~ Giveaway ~ Valentine's Awesome Party Prizes {Over $150 value}

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