Friday, March 6, 2015

~ Birthday Party ~ A day of pampering at the Spa

I'm so excited to finally able to share with you these pictures of my daughter's Spa themed birthday party. The girls had a fabulous day of pampering complete with face masks, manis, make up and  lots of goodies to bring home!  

Mini Facial station set up, ready with bowls of water, towels and hair ties. 
We used chocolate and strawberry face masks and cucumber slices for the eyes.

We used a cupcake stand to show the nail polish color selection.

At the beauty bar the girls got to choose lots of goodies to bring home: spa bath salts, bath loofahs, mini hand sanitizers and nail file sets were all decorated with personalized labels from the shop. 

Cake and cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats, Rock Candy, Bubble gum and Jelly beans at the sweet table. Cupcake toppers, table frame sign and candy jars printable decor now available at my etsy store

 The girls got their Make up done and had lots of fun dancing and playing the rest of the afternoon. 

Personalized Spa themed printable party designs are now available at my etsy shop.

Hand painted mural party backdrop also in the shop.


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