Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ Birthday Party ~ 70's Disco Fun! The grooviest event of the Year.

It was my daughter's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and we celebrated with a disco themed party.  She had been planning her party since we finished celebrating her birthday last year.  She loves disco balls and dancing, this theme was perfect for her, but intead of celebrating the 70's, we were celebrating her 7's.

Planning all the details for this party was so much fun, I love this theme.
She wanted this party to be a girls only event, Julianna's Sunday Night Disco Fever!

 We designed the Invitation to appear like a ticket to enter a night club. It had a detachable VIP pass to be given at the door to the security guy {daddy dressed up all in black with a funny wig} I will show you the pictures but I don't think "mi amor" will approve :) He actually had double duty that day, he also had a special presentation as DJ daddy. 

{Not exactly from the 70's but she insisted on wearing this rock star outfit}

  Balloon column { My mom's latest design} 

 My mom travelled to Canada to surprise my daughter on her birthday and to help with all the decor. The party craze runs in my family.  My mom did the most amazing parties for me and I just want to do the same for my daughters. 

Lots of balloons, disco balls, Records, Musical notes and dangling stars were decorating the room. 


 My daughter kept telling me for her cake she wanted 7 tiers, her reasoning is that since she was going to be 7 she had to have 7 cakes... I think she is watching too much of the Cake Boss. I got her 5 tiers between cupcakes and cake, I was kind of close. 

This was my second cake and I LOVE how it turned out. I got inspired by a design I saw on the Carlo's bakery website { didn't see my first cake...you can see it here}  I worked so hard on it, making all the little fondant decorations. I stayed up until 5 am the day before the party as the first time the fondant on the cake kept cracking but I kept trying until it finally worked.  It was a lot of work but it was all worth it, as my daughter loved it!
I am actually thinking of taking some serious cake decorating classes at the Bonnie Gordon School here in Toronto.. In fact I already made my 3rd cake for my friend's son birthday last week {pics coming soon}

My daughter loved her rainbow cake and my friends were asking me how I did it. Well It was very easy, just time consuming. I separated the batter in different containers and added food colorant to each, but as I only have one pan of this size, I had to bake and wait 6 times to get all the layers, and wash and grease and flour the same pan 6 times... My husband kept telling me I was crazy ..but I didn't care :)  so my recommendation is if you attempt to do all these layers at least have two of the same size pan.

To coordinate with the party theme, the favors were tie-dye sun visors, peace sign hair ties and "Love" sparkling girls make up.

I made coordinated water bottle labels.  All the disco party printable collection {Invitations, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and tags} will be available soon at my Etsy shop.

All the girls got their make-up and hair done!


We all had so much fun!


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  1. WOW!! I ADORE the backdrop and the cakes!!! This is such a pretty theme!! Thank you so much for linking up tot he party! ;)


  2. Soo cute! You did such a great job with the decor and the cake!

  3. Wow - amazing! (Is the "7" on top of the cake edible? If yes what did you make it out of I'm thinking fondant icing would be too bendy.)

    hbkscotia at hotmail.com

    1. Hi Heather!! Thank you! Yes it was made with fondant and gum paste half and half and it had a little stick in the back for support!

  4. How did you make the balloon flowers?

    1. They are made with special balloons that have 2 tips one on each end then you attach them together to make the flower and put a small one in the center. The balloons are called link-a-loon but my mom bring them for me from Colombia, haven't been able to find them here anywhere. You can still make the flowers with regular balloons but will have to attach to the wall one by one.


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