Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~ Baby Shower ~ Diaper Cake Tutorial Part 2

Now that the inside cake is ready we will start building the cake around this one to make our finished cake.
Bottom diaper layer:

Start building your cake adding diapers all around bottom layer as shown in the picture. It will take approximately 18 more diapers to complete the bottom layer for a total of 32 diapers (18 diapers outside + 14 inside)

Once is ready, secure the bottom layer around with 1/8” ribbon and continue to add diapers around middle layer.

Middle layer:

It will take approximately 12 more diapers to complete the middle layer for a total of 19 diapers (7 inside + 12 outside).

Top Layer:

Add diapers around top layer and tie with 1/8” ribbon. It will take approximately 9 more diapers to complete top layer for a total of 11 diapers (3 inside + 9 outside)
Now we are ready for the fun part,
decorating the diaper cake!

STEP 4: Wrap your 7/8” wide ribbon around all the layers and tie with a knot.
A wider ribbon covers the elastic bands better.

Using scissors, trim the ends either diagonally (“/”) or in a “” shape to look neat.

STEP 6: I also wrapped 1/8” wide pink ribbon on the top of each layer. I will hang the baby clothes from these ribbons using little clothespins; as if they were hanging to dry on a clothesline.

I used mini clothespins to hang the baby hat, bib, bodysuit, and socks. I placed the baby bib at the top and front, and hung the rest at the back of the cake, and decorated it with tiny pink flowers all over. The flowers makes the cake look really cute, covers all the yellow prints on the diapers and covers any exposed elastic bands in between diapers.

You can also fasten other baby necessities to the cake (Teething rings, rattles, nail clips, pacifiers, baby brush and comb set, rolled wash clothes, socks, travel size lotion …anything you like). Just tuck them inside the 7/8” ribbon around the cake. Make sure they fit tightly, and if necessary tie a small piece of 1/8” ribbon around the item and secure to the ribbon on the cake to keep them from falling off. Trim or curl the ends.
STEP 7: Cake topper
To top the cake I made an 8 loops florist bow. To make your bow you will need approximately 2 yards. Just follow each of the pictures below:

8" from one end of ribbon, pinch firmly between thumb and index finger. Make a 3 1/2" loop (half the size of finished bow) pinch tightly. If ribbon is one-sided, twist length to right side.

Go over and make a second loop and pinch over first two pinches.

Go under to make your 3rd loop, and hold at the centre.

And over again to make your 4th loop and continue doing the same all around like a wheel until you have 8 loops, 4 on each side.

Fasten the centre with a piece of 1/8”ribbon. You might need an extra hand here to help you secure your bow. Using scissors, trim the ends either diagonally (“/”) or in a “”shape to look neat.

Once your bow is ready, fasten to the top of the cake with the ribbon that was left hanging from the inside cake in step 3. You can also top your cake with a stuff toy, flowers or a baby bottle.

More ideas...

You can wrap your finished cake with a Cellophane gift bag or white tulle fabric, gather together at the top of cake, and secure with ribbon and add little note for the mom-to-be.

You can also make mini diaper cakes as baby showers centerpieces.

Mom-to-be can take them all home after the shower to use the diapers when baby arrives. Just do a small one-layer cake (like the top layer of this cake and use a small cake board for the base).

I hope these instructions will be helpful. The Mom-to-be will love this adorable cake and you will be so proud you made it for her. Have Fun making a diaper cake!

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