Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Party Ideas~ Mario Kart wii Party Pinterest Board

 I just wanted to show you what I did today
{well is past 12 now, so I guess what I did yesterday}...

...I did a 'photo shoot' with my Mario Kart Printable Party designs

What do you think? Do you like it?

I'm having so much fun coming up for ideas for boys parties!
I was thinking of foods and sweets that can be served at a Mario Kart Themed party for my  food/sweet table labels and with my daughter's help, together we came up with these:

Jello Peach or anything with Peaches {for Princess Peach Food labels}

Banana Split or Banana shaped candy {One of the characters is a Banana Peel}

Pizza, Pasta {I think Luigi and Mario are Italian}

Mushroom Pops {Marshmallow covered in read candy coating and white chocolate chips on the top}

Fruits {My daughter told me Yoshi likes to eat fruits}

She also said the party should have Lots of Cookies because there is a race happening at a 'CookieLand'

Star pops {using star shapped candy molds}

Chocolate shapped mustaches

Chocolate gold coins

Click here to see my pin board with some cute stuff for a Mario Kart themed party I found around the web.

I am enjoying pinning a lot, everytime I see a picture I like, I come up with new ideas and want to pin it on a board. Pinterest is perfect to organize all of your favorite pictures that you find on the web, by theme or event, and keep them all together in one place.

Do you have Pinterest?  Leave me a link on the comment section below. I'd love to follow your boards.
If you are not on Pinterest yet, then you are in need of an invite. Just email me at party-tales{at} and I will send you one.

My party printable designs were made to match the Mario Kart party supplies from Birthday Express. 

If you have more ideas for a Mario Kart themed party please share with us! Leave us a comment below. 


  1. Great Mario printables! But it's especially sweet that your daughter is your "styling adviser"!

    1. Thanks Lissa, she loves playing Mario Kart so she knows all about it!She says she wants to be a party planner and a cake decorator when she grows up and we are going to have a store together :) so Sweet!


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