Monday, March 4, 2013


I finally get to post these pictures! They were actually taken last year but then the winter came and it just didn't feel right to post these pictures of this gorgeous sunny day! 

Since Spring is almost here and a lot of us can't wait, I just thought it would be a good idea to share these with you!
My daughters have always asked me if they could have a lemonade stand in our front yard... they kept asking and asking, and finally one day I said OK! We started looking in the garage for a box or something we could use to make a stand... and that's when my husband got involved.. he said we couldn't use a box to make a stand and that he would make one for us using old scraps of wood he had laying around... and that's how we got a Fabulous Stand.. My daughters and I painted it pink and white with also left over paint.. After it was done.. we decided to make an Ice Cream Stand instead..
I just couldn't help it and started designing the labels for all the ice cream toppings. 

My husband says I'm getting carried away as I also started to make water bottle labels, decorations for the spoons, cupcake toppers, signs, banner... Next thing I know, our pretend-play lemonade stand became a full Ice cream Stand production!

The stand looked so dreamy full of tasty colourful treats...We had brownie and ice cream, waffle cones, sugar cones, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and lots of ice cream toppings: cherries, marshmallows, Oreo chocolate cookies, rainbow cookies, chocolate covered raisins, sugar sprinkles, whipped cream, hazelnut rolled wafers, caramel and chocolate sauce..


 I got inspired by the top from the Gymboree Ice Cream Sweetie collection, that my little one is wearing in the pictures. Her skirt was from the Children's Place. I believe it was supposed to be a Halloween tutu. I got it on clearance one day and it was just sitting there in the closet, she had never used it and now look how cute they looked together.. they were perfect for the occasion.

{If you want a shirt with the ice cream cones like the one my daughter was wearing you can always check on Ebay as this is now from past collection they don't carry these anymore at the store. I did the search for you, so just click on the ebay link}

Somewhere in my kitchen I found a cone shaped cookie cutter {I like buying cookie cutters when I think they're cute, hoping one day I'll use them.}  Although I'm not really much of a baker, I made the effort this time, and the cookies turned out pretty good for a first timer!

To keep the ice cream cold, I just got a Metal bucket and filled it up with Ice. I got it at Michaels. I've seen these metal buckets everywhere, they are great for keeping drinks cold for outdoor parties.
 I had everything else I used to display the treats, I just purchased the green plastic cones that I filled with chocolate.. Those will be great as favors for an Ice Cream themed birthday party...

 We went and gave little notes to the neighbours letting them know, we were setting up the parlor. It was a hit with the customers! Kids and Adults! Before it was even ready we had a huge line waiting.

It was a fun day for all.  We enjoyed ice cream with friends on a beautiful day, and the money we collected was donated to the Hospital for Sick Kids. My daughters got a thank you diploma from the hospital and even appeared in the local newspaper.. We'll do it again this year for sure!
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  1. How adorable is this theme (and your daughters)?! And I love how you made it a neighborhood activity. Your neighbors will probably be excited to see what you'll come up with THIS summer! :-)

    1. Hi Lissa, Thanks so much! You are always so sweet. It was a really nice day, even some neighbours that we rarely see came as well. Everybody loved it! We'll do it again this year for sure :)

  2. Wow, Ice Cream with wonderful decoration!

  3. Beautiful!! I would love to use this theme, for my special need daugther's birthday next weekend. Is there is other way, to sent these lovely free printable to a non member of facebook.
    Thank you for your time!

  4. Beautiful! Where did you find the green cones for the candy favors?

  5. Wow.. what a fun party!! I really love the ice cream stand!

  6. Well, who doesn't love ice cream regardless of the age. So, it is an amazing idea.
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